We want you to get your pop-culture fix so drop us a line with any questions or requests and we’ll see what we can do!
Our studio is located at The Distillery in downtown Toronto along side our friends and partners, Mass Minority. 

Doing everything ourselves would be a very limited vision of the world, so we bring in different artists, makers, and crafts people from time to time in executing our products. When working with others to execute a release, we will always feature the contributor. POPJUNKIE tries to source as much talent, production and materials in Canada as possible.

Although POPJUNKIE does limited runs of its products, our catalogue is available for wholesale. We do additional runs of products to meet demand. All inquiries welcome!

We hope you enjoy our archived releases and limited time down-loads. These releases are for personal use only and not for commercial reproduction or re-sell. Please respect the intellectual property of POPJUNKIE and its contributors. Please inquire about commercial use licenses and limited use buy-outs.

POPJUNKIE works with brands that want to understand cultural trends and utilize them for business foresight and innovation, commercial production, and storytelling. We have been working in cultural foresight. business design, and commercial creativity for over 19 years and are really good at it, so drop us a line if you want to understand what to tap into for business growth.